Faces after Maria- Don Angel

Angel | Charco Abajo | Utuado

The bridge that conects Angel’s community to the main highways was washed away. Angel has to travel everyday down a improvised ladder on the side of whats left of the bridge to get provisions. Through this difficulty he still maintains his sense of humor.

Sector La Vía | Aguadilla

“We’ve been forgotten”, an all to common phrase these days after #hurricanemaria . Don Samuel like many other residents outside of the metropolitan area in Puerto Rico help and resources are scarce.

Many families on this sector suffered structural damage to their houses, most losing their roofs during hurricane Maria ‘s devastation.

“Everyday it’s a different struggle” says Jennifer Soto like many others she has not been able to contact Fema for a tarp to avoid losing what little possessions they have left. The agency has not made rounds through this area and it’s residents have not been able to fill out web ir phone application due to most of Puerto Rico’s communications still are down.