Draco brings Lo Maldito to San Juan, PR

The much anticipated set of concerts closed last night with Lo Maldito (The dammed). Highlighting the 20th anniversary of his ground breaking record “Vagabundo”.

With a set list that contained more of the heavier and darker songs of his repertoire , Draco rocked the Coliseum of Puerto Rico along with a very energetic crowd that enjoyed the trip through the dark side of his career.

Personally I’ve been a fan of Draco since I was in high school. I even had the chance to meet him once too.

Not everybody gets to meet their musical heroes, so I knew how lucky I was. But the only thing I wanted more than getting a picture taken with him was to take a portrait of him. I took that chance of meeting him and took this impromptu portrait of him.

One of my most prized pics not only because I admire him as an artist but also because I wanted to celebrate his strength as a cancer survivor. Right around this time he was just escaping this horrible decease. For a moment there during his sickness things started looking bleak. But he fought through it, valiantly. So for me this whole meeting was a victory, little did I know that years later I’d be covering one of his concerts .

So this short story and set of images have a great personal value, I hope you enjoy this post and hopefully , one day you’ll meet your heroes too. Cheers.

Panic at the disco en vivo en el Coliseo Jose Miguel Agrelot

Panic at the disco

En lo que fue una noche llena de energía la banda Panic at the disco visito por primera vez nuestra isla y se aseguraron en dejar una impresión duradera a sus fanáticos locales.

Interpretando sus éxitos como Hallelujah, Emperors new clothes y LA devotee, la banda presento un show balanceado que mostró todo el carisma de su vocalista Brendon Urie.

Panic at the disco

EN lo que tal vez fue el mejor momento de la noche la banda interpreto su “cover” del éxito de Queen Bohemian Rhapsody, sencillo incluido en la banda sonora de la película popular de DC comics Suicide Squad.

Para fanáticos de la banda este concierto fue un recorrido de los éxitos mas conocidos de esta banda, algo que debería ser requerido para toda banda extranjera que visita la isla por primera vez. Aquí algunas imágenes adicionales de su presentación:Panic at the discoPanic at the disco