Ricardo Arjona presents Circo Soledad

After two years of absence Ricardo Arjona returns to Puerto Rico. The artist announced a set of performances this upcoming October vía a creative press conference/mini concert.

Here are a few images documenting the evening.

Ana Torroja performs in Puerto Rico after a 14 year absence

Ana Torroja

Spanish singer Ana Torroja has been touring heavily these months promoting her most recent greatest hits albulm “Conexion”.

Ana Torroja

Returning to Puerto Rico after 14 years Torroja performed in the Bellas Artes theatre in Santurce. Playing most of her hits to an almost capacity crowd,Torroja showed off her vocal range while moving through the stage and intercacting with the energetic crowd.

Ana Torroja

Here’s some pics of her presentation for more info visit solborincano.com for more images and content.

Ana Torroja

Ryan’s Portrait

Ryan- Portrait

A summer classes where I teach are coming to a close it was time for one of my classes to step into the studio and work on portraits. Usually around this time I like to teach a Strobist ( ala David Hobby) semminar in which we use our portable flashes to create dramatic portraits.

One of my photoshop course students Ryan was kind enough to model for us, here are some of the results. Hope you enjoy and feel free to comment.


Ryan- Portrait

Bebe plays Puerto Rico for the first time

TodaybIbgot the chance to cover Spanish singer songwriter Bebe, who performed in Puerto Rico for the first time. Playing an intimate set in the Bellas Artes theatre in Santurce, Puerto Rico.

Known for her passionate lyrics and fiery performances Bebe delighted the crowd. She shared a few exchanges with her fans who sang along to most of her hits.

The complete set of pictures is below:

Panic at the disco en vivo en el Coliseo Jose Miguel Agrelot

Panic at the disco

En lo que fue una noche llena de energía la banda Panic at the disco visito por primera vez nuestra isla y se aseguraron en dejar una impresión duradera a sus fanáticos locales.

Interpretando sus éxitos como Hallelujah, Emperors new clothes y LA devotee, la banda presento un show balanceado que mostró todo el carisma de su vocalista Brendon Urie.

Panic at the disco

EN lo que tal vez fue el mejor momento de la noche la banda interpreto su “cover” del éxito de Queen Bohemian Rhapsody, sencillo incluido en la banda sonora de la película popular de DC comics Suicide Squad.

Para fanáticos de la banda este concierto fue un recorrido de los éxitos mas conocidos de esta banda, algo que debería ser requerido para toda banda extranjera que visita la isla por primera vez. Aquí algunas imágenes adicionales de su presentación:Panic at the discoPanic at the disco