Gilberto Santa Rosa | 40 años y contando | Coliseo de PR

Un recorrido de los 40 años de carrera y contando del Caballero de la salsa

En lo que fue una velada musical llena de invitados Gilberto Santa Rosa le mostro a su fanaticada porque es una de los cantantes con más longevidad en la salsa.

Su presentación conto con un listado amplio de invitados: Willie Rosario, Don Perignon, Paquito Guzmán, Pirulo, Victor Manuelle, Tito Nieves, Luis Enrique, Eddie Santiago y Vico C fueron los que compartieron el escenario con el caballero de la salsa.

“Estoy emocionadísimo y agradecido de que hayan decidido compartir este sábado conmigo, celebrando lo que espero sean mis primeros 40 años como cantante.”

A continuación la lista de temas interpretados:

Déjate querer

Vino tinto

Montón de estrellas

Yo no te pido



El amor de los amores

No me dejes solo

Amor para la historia


La ley #10 con Don Perignon

Los rosales con Marito Ortiz

Satisfacción/atrevida con Paquito Guzmán

Como sube la gasolina con Tommito Olivencia

Lluvia con Willie Rosario

Sin voluntad

Mal herido

Me volvieron hablar de ella

Que manera de quererte


Que se sepa con Pirulo

Sombra loca

Almas gemelas

Si te dijeron con Victor Manuelle

Salsa pa’ olvidar las penas con Victor Manuelle

No me la llames más

Sin amor


Tengo una muñeca

De mi enamórate

Tú no le amas, le temes

Tú me quemas

Vivir sin ella

Conteo regresivo


Lo grande que es perdonar

Helping those in need

As part of my hurricane Maria coverage I tagged along with a group of volunteers who where helping out a community in Utuado.

With supplies of warm food and water I documented there efforts. Like this group there are many others stepping up and helping around Puerto Rico, hopefully these efforts continue to build morale and help out island that is still struggling more that 50 days after taking a category 5 hurricane hit.

Faces after Maria | Angel’s story

Angel | Charco Abajo | Utuado

The bridge that conects Angel’s community to the main highways was washed away. Angel has to travel everyday down a improvised ladder on the side of whats left of the bridge to get provisions. Through this difficulty he still maintains his sense of humor.

Hear hid story following the link bellow:

Please share so we can keep helping those in need.

Sector La Vía | Aguadilla

“We’ve been forgotten”, an all to common phrase these days after #hurricanemaria . Don Samuel like many other residents outside of the metropolitan area in Puerto Rico help and resources are scarce.

Many families on this sector suffered structural damage to their houses, most losing their roofs during hurricane Maria ‘s devastation.

“Everyday it’s a different struggle” says Jennifer Soto like many others she has not been able to contact Fema for a tarp to avoid losing what little possessions they have left. The agency has not made rounds through this area and it’s residents have not been able to fill out web ir phone application due to most of Puerto Rico’s communications still are down.

Explore|Create|1 – Cueva del Indio

Many times when we think of beautiful locations we think of buying a plane ticket and visiting an exotic location. What we tend to not consider is that beauty is sometimes in our backyard (well no literally).

As an example I bring forth exhibit A on this blog, La cueva del Indio in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. In my case an hour and half trip resulted in a set of images I really loved, may make prints of these available so stay tuned.

The point of this post is to basically showcase that many times beauty is within reach, no plane ticked or passport required. As a photography instructor you would not believe how many of my students hold back ideas or inspiration because they’re waiting for that exotic location to try out their new gear, skills or whatever.

Don’t wait, explore your home, explore your street, explore your neighborhood, don’t wait. Create now.


For the camera geeks out there the images where made with a D300s, RAW files edited in Adobe Lightroom. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment.

Draco brings Lo Maldito to San Juan, PR

The much anticipated set of concerts closed last night with Lo Maldito (The dammed). Highlighting the 20th anniversary of his ground breaking record “Vagabundo”.

With a set list that contained more of the heavier and darker songs of his repertoire , Draco rocked the Coliseum of Puerto Rico along with a very energetic crowd that enjoyed the trip through the dark side of his career.

Personally I’ve been a fan of Draco since I was in high school. I even had the chance to meet him once too.

Not everybody gets to meet their musical heroes, so I knew how lucky I was. But the only thing I wanted more than getting a picture taken with him was to take a portrait of him. I took that chance of meeting him and took this impromptu portrait of him.

One of my most prized pics not only because I admire him as an artist but also because I wanted to celebrate his strength as a cancer survivor. Right around this time he was just escaping this horrible decease. For a moment there during his sickness things started looking bleak. But he fought through it, valiantly. So for me this whole meeting was a victory, little did I know that years later I’d be covering one of his concerts .

So this short story and set of images have a great personal value, I hope you enjoy this post and hopefully , one day you’ll meet your heroes too. Cheers.